James Moultrie

Dr James Moultrie

Head of Group

Senior Lecturer in Design Management

Understanding the value of design
Design and technology transfer
Design education
Design for additive manufacturing

Zicheng Zhu

Zicheng Zhu

Research Associate

Design for additive manufacturing

Thomas Whitney

Thomas Whitney

MPhil Candidate

Design for additive manufacturing

Richard Li

Richard (Bohao) Li

PhD Candidate

Long term economic value of design

Clara Aranda-Jan

Clara Aranda-Jan

PhD Candidate

Healthcare design for low resource settings

Jayne Franck

Jayné Franck

PhD Candidate

Design and behaviour change

Yuuki Shigemoto

Yuuki Shigemoto

PhD Candidate

Understanding designer intent

Wei Liu

Wei Liu

PhD Candidate

Customers as designers in New Product Development

Colin Haden

Colin Haden

IfM ECS Industrial Fellow

Consultancy and training courses




Dr Krista Keranen

2010-2014: Co-creation in services

Katie Menzies

2013-2016: App design for heathcare

Dr Karen Miller

2009-2012: Design leadership in fashion retail

Dr Jae Hwan Park

2009-2012: Knowledge transfer of design academics

Prof Dr Bernhard Dusch

2009-2012: Sustainable design toolkit

Dr Jonathan Johnson

2009-2012: Early stage feasibility in medical devices development

Dr Laura Sutcliffe

2008-2011: An assessment tool for sustainable design of medical devices

Dr Andrew Muir Wood

2007-2010: Design trends, theory and practice

Dr Burcu Felekoglu

2008-2011: Top management involvement in new product development

Nani Brunini

2010-2011: The role and use of design trend reports

Dr John Stevens

2006-2009: Design as a strategic resource

Dr Carlos Peralta

2009-2012: Interaction between designers and scientists

Alex Driver

2009-2012: Research Associate



Key academic Collaborators

Dr Anja Maier

Associate Professor, DTU Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Professor Claudia Eckert

Professor in design, Open University

Professor Richard Bibb

Professor of Medical Applications of Design

Associate Dean Research

Professor Martyn Evans

Professor of Design, Manchester Metropolitan University, School of Art

Dr Nathan Crilly

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Design

Professor John Clarkson

Professor in Engineering Design, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Dr Finbarr Livesey

Lecturer in public policy, University of Cambridge

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