Yuuki Shigemoto

Doctoral Researcher

Research interests

  • Designers’ ability to communicate product concepts via product form
  • Measurement of consumer perception of product form
  • Design-driven innovation


Yuuki obtained his BA in Management in 2011 from Ritsumeikan University (Kyoto), where his academic achievements and graduation thesis have been awarded several scholarships and prizes. Subsequently, he completed his MSc in Modern Japanese Studies – specialising in sociology, anthropology and history – in 2012 at the University of Oxford. He also has working experience as a freelance Anglo-Japanese translator and designer in addition to his academic pursuits.


He joined the Design Management Group as a doctoral researcher under the supervision of James Moultrie in October 2013 and has been sponsored by the Funai Foundation for Information Technology and the British Council Japan Association. He has recently been working with the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, to support its national initiative in manufacturing innovation and UK-Japan Partnership. Yuuki’s life at Cambridge also involves having been a supervisor of Master’s students in Marketing, serving as Vice-President and Treasurer of Cambridge University Badminton Club, President of the Cambridge University Japanese Interdisciplinary Forum, Secretary of Selwyn College Hermes Club, and member of the rowing crew at Selwyn College Boat Club.


Current research

Yuuki’s project aims to explore the extent to which industrial designers can successfully communicate concepts of products via their form to consumers. He is currently creating a new framework that aims to conceptualise the relationships amongst designers, consumers and products, with a specific focus on how consumers are led towards a decision of purchase. The framework highlights the role of emotional attachment, and within this model a new research method has been developed which draws on literature from sociology and psychology.



  • Shigemoto, Y., & Moultrie, J. (2015, March). Delivering messages: exploring the ability of designers to embody concepts in product form. Paper presented at the 10th Spring Conference of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, Kyoto.
  • A Japanese translation of “Verganti, Roberto. (2009). DESIGN-DRIVEN INNOVATION: Harvard University Press”, July 2012.
  • Shigemoto, Y. (2017, June). Managing Emotion for a Sustainable Future. In E. Bohemia, C. de Bont, & L. S. Holm (Eds.), Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy (Vol. 3, pp. 733–752), Design Management Academy.

Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 766141
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