Good design is a game changer

James Moultrie, Head the IfM's Design Management Group, argues that good design is just as important for industrial products as it is for consumer goods such as cars and electronics.

Innovation by design

Linde Gases has designed a radical new valve for its gas cylinders, with support from the IfM's Design Management Group and IfM ECS.

Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference

Proceedings of the Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference (CADMC).

50 years of manufacturing at Cambridge

2015 is an important year for the IfM. This October sees the 50th annual intake of students on its MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management.

Why did they design it like that?

James Moultrie looks for universal appeal when beauty in is the eye of the beholder.

Design in Science: Exploring how industrial designers can contribute to scientific research

Explores ways in which designers might support the commercialisation of early stage science.

ISBN 978-1-902546-47-6

International design scoreboard: initial indicators of international design capabilities

This report from the IfM's Design Management Group and Centre for Industry and Government describes the generation of a framework for assessing international design capabilities. This framework is used to provide a first ranking of national design capabilities, using best available evidence.

ISBN 987-1-902846-74-2

Company spending on design: Exploratory survey of UK firms 2008

This report from the IfM's Design Management Group and Centre for Industry and Government provides a first ever evaluation of design spending in UK firms.

ISBN 987-1-902846-73-5

Designing for low-volume production

Provides cost analysis techniques and design tactics for products manufactured in small batch sizes, to help you meet demanding cost targets or reduce manufacturing costs. £39 (2001, Spiralbound, 88 pages)

ISBN 1-902546-06-7

Managing product development collaborations

Offers practical guidance for the effective management of product development collaborations.

ISBN 978-1-902546-15-5

Assessing and improving product design capability

Explains how to assess product design capability through the use of a product and process audit.

ISBN 978-1-902546-14-8
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