Completed Research

Design scoreboard project

Design is important to firm and national competitiveness. However, there is little reliable evidence on the status of design in the UK. This project aims to address this gap and deliver a measurement system for national design performance.


Bridging the innovation gap

Investigating design led policies to address the UK's invention/innovation gap


Development of a design audit tool

A practical tool for small/medium sized firms to assess their design capability. The tool encourages a cross functional team to consider the design of their products and the effectiveness of their design process.


Managing product development in small firms

"One Page" product development management tools: a suite of simple visual management tools aimed at small firms. Included is a tool to visualise the product development process on one-page, a one-page project management tool, a one-page tool to help manage the portfolio of project ideas and a one-page tool to support product definition.


Innovation spaces

Understanding the impact of physical environment on innovation and creativity.


Good design practice project

Charitably funded collaboration with the Royal College of Art & Engineering Design Centre at Cambridge University to support companies in the design of new products.


Understanding product aesthetics

development of a framework of consumer response to product aesthetics.

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