Jayne Franck

PhD Student

Jayné Franck is a Cambridge Trust Scholar Doctoral Candidate in Design Management at the IfM and a member of Wolfson College.



Jayné has a background in sustainable design, business management, community outreach, computer programming, and building construction. She studied Architecture at the University of New Mexico (US), where she chaired the energy conservation team for the Sustainability Studies Program, attended professional AIA state board meetings as the Student Liaison, and served as president of Tau Sigma Delta. She came to the IfM as a Cambridge Trust Scholar to pursue a doctorate in the Design Management Group under James Moultrie. She served as Deputy Programme Director of iTeams in 2014 and 2015.


Research interests

Jayné is keen to work with a team of researchers from various disciplines to employ design to improve people’s lives. She would like to collaborate on research in the following subject areas:

  • Creating environments with a positive influence on behaviour, hence health and well-being
  • Understanding how consciousness affects the interaction of agents with their environment
  • Assessing and developing the value of design

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Contact Details

T: +44 (0) 1223 760767
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