Design Show 2011


The Design Show is held each

year for an invited audience of local industrialists and designers. Students put together displays to explain the technical and business ideas behind the products, together with design details and prototype models of the products themselves.




8 June, 2011 6.00 pm - 7.30 pm

6.30 pm Welcome by Professor Mike Gregory, Head of the Institute for Manufacturing




Institute for Manufacturing
17 Charles Babbage Road
Cambridge, CB3 0FS





Design Projects




An automatic, train-mounted ramp

to allow disabled users more

independent access to the rail service.

Sam Brown, Jack Danbury,

Zoe Eardley, Clare Totman


Access-a-ramp and team





A tropical fruit dryer to provide

the basis for dried fruit products in

domestic and international markets.


David Clark, Jean Paul Delport,

Daniel Ho

 tropical fruit dryer and team





A fun airport trolley designed

specifically for family travellers

with young children.

Doug Byatt, Priya Khetarpal,

Sara Montakhab, Jacky Yuen

 Trolliday  and team

Splash Balls


A unique and colourful target

game designed for children

between the ages of 8 and 12.

Rob High, Chris Jackson,

Sadia Sapsard

 splashballs  and team





An innovative design that makes

keeping guinea pigs at home an

easier and more enjoyable experience

for adults and children alike.

Kiran McCann, Gemma Raven,

Chris Rowe

 GuineaPod  and team





MLD device for self-treatment

of Lymphoedema.

Alan Cruickshank, Mart Nitibhon,

Emily Wakeford

 Epione  and team



The Automatic Belay Device


An automatic device to lower

climbers safely to the ground in

indoor climbing centres.

Chris Bellamy, Emma Crossman,

Tom Latimer, Isabel Martinez

 The Automatic Belay Device and team





A face-down, flying-above-the-water

sensation for the leisure rental market.

Ewen Christie, Laurence Gartside,

Ben Kenneally

 The Automatic Belay Device and team





A novel, space-saving sledge,

designed for expedition use.

Jeni Hine, Markos Markides,

George Savell

 Collapsi-Sled  and team





An energy-free, non-freezing

 livestock watering solution.

Emma Cory, Angus Sinclair,

Chris Wright

 MeltWater and team





An innovative, mid-to-long-term

housing solution aimed at disaster

victims and refugees.

Simon Bourne, Fiona McHardy,

Angharad West

 Rokuyurt and team


Supported by Shearline Engineering


Shearline is a multi-award winning manufacturing organisation located in Cambridgeshire, the internationally recognised centre of innovation.


We are a progressive company that aims to bring together the best of manufacturing practices and capabilities and is passionate about exceeding industry standards both in performance and excellence.


Established in 1973, the company has grown considerably and now offers a complete service including design for manufacture, prototyping and first batch production through to full scale manufacture and worldwide delivery. Shearline is once again proud to be supporting the Manufacturing Engineering Tripos Design Show and to sponsor of the Shearline Manufacturability Award. 

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