Achieving Leveraged Advantage from Distributed Information (ALADDIN)


ALADDIN is particularly interested in the data associated with procurement which suffers from high levels of inconsistency, with the same part often described in a multitude of different ways by Boeing’s many hundreds of suppliers. In a fast-paced manufacturing environment, this inconsistency has the potential to cause problems with shortages and disruptions which can only be averted by labour intensive (and, therefore, costly) data management processes. But this could be avoided altogether if the data were intelligent enough to ‘have organic awareness of its own value’ and be able to predict potential problems. The associated benefit would be that the many people who currently spend their time sifting through and improving data could be deployed on more strategically useful tasks.


ALADDIN Transition

This project is now in a transition phase where the solutions, which were developed for the above problems, are now being transferred into Boeing to identify where specifically they can provide the most benefit and what the overall impact of the solutions is on the business.


Principal Investigator

Duncan McFarlane



Mark Harrison

Philip Woodall

Torben Jess


Project Partner

The Boeing Company



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