Practical tools and techniques

DIAL has a range of tools designed to help companies overcome some key operational challenges.

Industrial resilience audit

Diagnoses why processes are experiencing disruption and helps identify short-term fixes and define longerterm plans to develop more flexible production processes.


Information Quality Risk Assessment Tool

Analyses the risks that poor information quality poses to companies and identifies the best way to mitigate the risk.


Automation Assessment Tool

For companies considering automation, this is a quick and effective way of assessing the opportunities and the feasibility of implementation.


Service information requirements

A three-stage procedure for capturing information required in the delivery of an industrial service. This tool has been used for evaluating new and existing service contracts.


RFID opportunity check

A rapid scanning process that identifies potential opportunities offered by RFID for a particular company. It is suitable for both retailers and manufacturers and is a natural precursor to DIAL’s in-depth RFID roadmapping and tag placement tools.


RFID Roadmapping

This combines DIAL’s in-depth knowledge of RFID with the IfM’s extensive expertise in roadmapping. The process provides a deep understanding of the potential benefits of RFID for the business and can predict the timing of specific opportunities and developments for that company.


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