Intelligent Logistics

The Industrial Logistics research group is a part of Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory (DIAL) that aims at developing state-of-the-art technology-driven logistics solutions for industrially inspired challenges. We indulge in a plethora of diverse projects in warehouse management, urban logistics, freight management, transportation, and forecasting, in collaborations with industries to ensure a real-world impact, while contributing towards academic theory.


We currently are investigating how we can develop logistics systems that enable:


Awareness: the system is aware of its own current or future state.

Integration: the key operations of the logistic system are integrated, such that their planning and execution are effectively coordinated.

System Adaptability: the system can adapt the way it operates depending on changes in the operation environment.

Customer Modifiability: customers can modify order details before and after order release.


Our research projects primarily fall under one of the two themes mentioned below:

  1. Urban Transportation and Distribution
    • Urban logistics have seen greater and more widespread rise in post-covid 19 pandemic years than ever before.
    • This theme is dedicated to companies managing urban within-city delivery logistics, but also applies to broader logistics problems of transportation and distribution including last mile delivery logistics, optimising freight transportation, and routing problems.

  2. Technology-driven Warehouse Management
    • Warehouse management forms the backbone of internal and external logistics for any business.
    • It involves optimising the costs of storage and handling of materials that may include raw materials or finished products across the supply chain.
    • This theme aims at widespread usage of modern technologies such as sensors, microcontrollers, and the internet to optimise warehouse operations for the future of logistics.


We are also looking at expanding over the following emerging logistics themes at IfM:

  1. Sustainability and green logistics
    • Eco-friendly transportation, warehousing, and distribution practices to minimise environmental impacts and resource usage.
    • Addresses climate change, optimizing supply chains for efficiency, reducing carbon footprints, and promoting long-term economic and environmental health.

  2. Space logistics
    • Planning, managing, and executing the movement and storage of materials and resources in space operations.
    • Supporting sustainable space exploration, ensuring efficient resource use and mission success, vital for advancing human presence and exploration in space.

  3. Automated vehicles
    • Use of autonomous vehicles to optimise transportation, delivery, and supply chain processes with minimal human intervention.
    • Enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability in logistics, driving advancements in technology, economy, and environmental impact reduction.



Key people

Dr Maharshi Dhada, 

Professor Duncan McFarlane,

Dr Alena Puchkova,

Jaime Macias Aguayo,

Dr Anandarup Mukherjee,



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For further information please contact:

Maharshi Dhada

T: 01223 7(64306)


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