Intelligent Logistics

In DIAL, we study different ways digital technologies can be utilized for the development of smarter systems for logistics management. These technologies include smart products, Auto-ID and sensor technology, simulation, data analytics and augmented reality. We currently are investigating how we can develop logistics systems that enable:

1. Awareness: the system is aware of its own current or future state.

2. Integration: the key operations of the logistic system are integrated, such that their planning and execution are effectively coordinated.

3. System Adaptability: the system is able to adapt the way it operates depending on changes in the operation environment.

4. Customer Modifiability: customers are able to modify order details before and after order release.

Recent projects

IT Architectures for Logistics Integration (ITALI)

Dynamic and Adaptable Supply Chain Logistics System (DASHLog)

Building Radio Frequency IDentification for the Global Environment (BRIDGE)

Key people

Duncan McFarlane,

Philip Woodall,

Vaggelis Gianikas,

Selected Publications 

Lu, D. McFarlane, V. Giannikas, and Q. Zhang. An algorithm for dynamic order-picking in warehouse operations. European Journal of Operational Research, 248(1):107–122, 2016

Pan, V. Giannikas, Y. Han, B. Qiao, and E. Grover-Silva. Mining customer-related data to enhance home delivery in e-commerce. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2017. In press. DOI: 10.1108/IMDS-10-2016-0432

McFarlane, V. Giannikas, and W. Lu. Intelligent logistics: Involving the customer. Computers in Industry, 81:105–115, 2016

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Pan, Y. Han, B. Qiao, E. Grover-Silva, and V. Giannikas. Mining customer-related data to enhance home delivery in e-commerce: an experimental study. In ILS 2016: 6th International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain, Bordeaux, France, June 2016

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