Design Show 2013

Over the last year, teams of three or four Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (MET) students have completed a major design project to develop a new product, with real business potential. Having first identified a customer need, they have researched the market, developed original design concepts and created a full business plan. The projects have generated some exciting new ideas and innovative technology.


Adande Fridge

Product and process re-engineering of an insulated refrigerator drawer for volume-cost reduction enabling introduction into the domestic market.


Adande Fridge




A device enabling paper conservators to restore artwork using aqueous light bleaching with greater ease and reliability.






A product designed to provide external storage for small cars whose boots are overloaded.





The Cambridge Chair

The Cambridge Chair offers a new integrated solution to office seating and layout.





Chameleon PaperSave

A product which aims to provide institutions with the means to easily re-use paper, by sorting mixed recycled paper into reusable (one or both sides blank) and non-reusable piles.




Element Weather Station

A low cost, highly integrated weather station, providing a complete solution for both weather enthusiasts and commercial users.


Element Weather Station




Horus is a revolutionary approach to noise insulation in windows using an active cancelling, suction mounted device.




Make It

A game-based education programme to introduce students to manufacturing engineering.





An affordable, intuitive and discreet device enabling visually impaired users to navigate their environments and detect obstacles with the power of ultrasound.


See Sense




A device that enables wireless audio transmission between any set of devices by interfacing with a standard audio jack.


Smart Jack



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