Co-evolution of IP strategy and the innovation ecosystem

Intellectual Property (IP) is important asset especially for technology firms. However for a long time, how to utilize IP strategically has been overlooked or unknown for most firms. Moreover, in today’s industry where technologies are more interdependent and turbulent, firms are faced with unprecedented challenges in managing its IP. The main question is: how to make IP strategy dynamically contingent with firm’s external innovation environment?

This project aims to address this challenge and coin the concept of IP strategy from an external and dynamic view by applying the innovation ecosystem lens. To reach the objective, we will investigate the co-evolutionary process of a firm’s IP strategy and innovation ecosystem. How a firm’s IP strategy evolves and interacts with the growth of its innovation ecosystem will be revealed. Thus we will be able to answer the question proposed in the first paragraph. The project employs mainlya longitudinal,qualitative case study approach.

The research project will contribute to both the academia and practice. First it employs an external and dynamic view to study IP strategy, which is novel to the IP research field. Particularly it proposes the ecosystem lens and it can be further applied into more IP strategy research. Second, it provides managerial implications for IP practitioners or even C-level executives on how to develop a proper IP strategy in today’s dynamic and complex technology environment.

This project is funded by Cambridge Trust and CSC (China Scholarship Council).

Project lead:Mingjin Guo

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