Assessing and improving product design capability

This book contains two audit tools:

  1. Product audit - this takes the form of a product 'healthcheck', assessing product usability, performance, producibility, desirability, profitability and differentiation.
  2. Process audit - this assesses the maturity of 25 key design activities covering both 'design execution' and 'design management'.

The audits can be completed by a single individual from the company, but are best performed as a group activity in a workshop setting. Ideally, the group should contain representatives from across the company, typically including Marketing, Engineering, Production and Customer support.

The audits are intended to stimulate discussion about the performance of the company's new product design and development system, and to reach consensus on current and desired status. Opportunities for improvement are identified along with appropriate actions. A number of possible tools and techniques may also be suggested.


Workbook contents


  • Good design: a product view
  • Good design: a process view
  • Good design: a combined product and process view
  • Workbook aim and audience


Using the workbook
Overview of the improvement process


Step 1: Product audit

  • Product audit concepts
  • Running a workshop
  • Product audit worksheets


Step 2: Process audit: Design Maturity Model

  • Process audit concepts
  • Using the Design Maturity Model
  • Running a workshop
  • Design Maturity Model worksheets


Step 3: Capturing discussion and action planning

  • Types of action
  • Using the 'action map' and action log
  • Running an action planning workshop
  • Action planning worksheets

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