Automation Assessment Tool

A set of guidelines for assessing the automation requirements for an industrial operation, and a method for evaluating candidate solutions.

Automation assessment tool identifies:

  • Quick and easy first step for a company to undertake when considering implementing automation.
  • Quickly highlights not just which type of automation would be unfeasible and which require more investigation, but also whether it would be beneficial for a company to implement automation at all.
  • It turns subjective, qualitative data into quantitative data.
  • Able to deal with incomplete data set.

Outputs of the tool

The tool highlights and prioritises steps that should be taken to progress companies along the Automation Maturity Path


Automation maturity path

Automation assessment approach

Automation assessment approach


Previous work

The tool has been used at FoxConn and Jaguar LandRover, who had the following view of the Automation Assessment:

  • useful resource for JLR
  • first step when considering the implementation of automation
  • logical and structured way of considering automation opportunities
  • highlights benefits and drawbacks that were previously unconsidered

Final graphical presentation of data “a good visual method of summarising the findings of the study”.


Download poster.


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