Research Themes

TEG research is focused around three themes: open innovation, investment, and university-industry knowledge exchange. Examples of projects in each of these areas are given below.


Open innovation

An overview of all our open innovation research, publishing and education activities is given via CTM's open innovation pages. Current TEG research projects in this area are investigating the role intermediary organisations in helping firms implement open innovation, the influence of location on open innovation strategies for SMEs in the UK and South Korea, strategies for collaboration in emerging sectors, and the role of communication within an open innovation ecosystem. The outputs of completed TEG research on open innovation have been converted into teaching and training materials to support firms in implementing open innovation.  You can follow our open innovation discussions via twitter, read our blog, or join our LinkedIn group. We have also established the Open Innovation Research Forum (OIRF) as an international network of researchers focused on identifying, understanding and addressing the challenges of implementing open innovation. 


University-industry knowledge exchange

TEG's early work in this area focused on the role of spin-outs within university research commercialisation strategies.  Current work is focused on a range of issues relating to the establishment, operation and impact of long-term partnerships between engineering firms and universities.  This work has strong links to TEG projects on open innovation and location, and to the Engineering Department's strategic theme on "Inspiring Research Through Industrial Collaborations".


Technology business investment and incubation

TEG research on investment and incubation is currently focused on how entrepreneurs learn from prior failure when setting up new ventures, trends in business incubation, and the availability of investment for new firms in emerging industries.  TEG also co-authored the 'Funding Technology' series of reports the US, Israel, Germany and the UK.

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