CTM working paper series (ISSN 2058-8887)

This series publishes outcome from research conducted by CTM members and its academic and industrial collaborators. Please get in touch with Frank Tietze (frank.tietze@eng.cam.ac.uk) if you intend to contribute or have any question.

Scoring methods for evaluating and selecting early stage technology and innovation projects

2018/02, March 2018

Rick Mitchell, Rob Phaal, Nicky Athanassopoulou


Keywords: Scoring methods, early stage technology, innovation projects


The Impact of Additive Manufacturing Technologies on Industrial Spare Parts Strategies

2018/01, March 2018

Daniel Beiderbeck, Dominik Deradjat and Tim Minshall


Keywords: Additive Manufacturing, Spare Parts Manufacturing, Automotive


Exploring the Future of Patent Analytics: A Technology Roadmapping approach

2017/05, November 2017

Leonidas Aristodemou, Frank Tietze


Keywords: Patent analytics, Technology roadmapping, Patent data, Visualization, Data quality, Data interconnectedness


Topic Roadmapping and Performance Dimensions

2017/03, November 2017

Clare Farrukh, Nicky Athanassopoulou, Rob Phaal


Keywords: Roadmapping, performance, technology, commercialisation


A Literature Review on the state-of-the-art on Intellectual Property Analytics (IPA)

2017/02, November 2017

Leonidas Aristodemou, Frank Tietze


Keywords: Literature review, intellectual property analytics


Ecosystem Strategy in Technology Licensing

2017/01, June 2017

Mingjin Guo, Xianwei Shi, Frank Tietze


Keywords: Licensing strategies, patents, complementors, ecosystems



Open IP strategies for enabling sustainability transitions

2016/10, December 2016

Jan Sternkopf, Frank Tietze, Elisabeth Eppinger and Pratheeba Vimalnath


Keywords: Open intellectual property, sustainability transitions, technology diffusion, Tesla

Motors, Nutriset



Commercialization Journey in Business Ecosystem: from academy to market

2016/09, November 2016

Zhaojing Huang, Clare Farrukh and Yongjiang Shi


Keywords: Commercialization, eco-systems



On 'self-facilitating' templates for technology and innovation strategy workshops

2016/08, October 2016

Robert Phaal, Clive Kerr, Imoh Ilevbare, Clare Farrukh, Michéle Routley, Nikoletta Athanassopoulou


Keywords: Roadmapping, strategy, innovation, templates, visualisation



To share or not to share - Exploring the impact of sharing behavior on user innovativeness

2016/06, June 2016

Thorsten Pieper, Frank Tietze, Carsten Schultz, Cornelius Herstatt


Keywords: User innovation, sharing economy, sharing experience 



To own or to use? How product service systems facilitate eco-innovation behavior

2016/04, June 2016

Frank Tietze, Erik Hansen


Keywords: Product Service System, servitization, innovation behavior, environmental externalities, ownership, corporate sustainability



Who owns the Cambridge phenomenon

2016/02, June 2016

Elizabeth Garnsey, Vivian Mohr


Keywords: Cambridge cluster, Cambridge Phenomenon, firm acquisitions



University-­industry partnerships and open innovation implementation: Key developments and experiences from the University of Cambridge

2016/01, Febraury 2016

Tim Minshall, Letizia Mortara, Tomas Ulrichsen


Keywords: University-industry collaboration, open innovation, University of Cambridge



SME innovation – practice and needs, lessons from the PrISMS programme

2015/08, November 2015

Clare Farrukh, Nikoletta Athanassopoulou, Robert Phaal, Frank Tietze


Keywords: Small medium sized enterprises, innovation support programme, EU



Communicating intelligence

2015/07, November 2015

Letizia Mortara


Keywords: Technology Intelligence; Communication tactics; Persuasion; Decisionmaking; Technology Scouts; Barriers to communication; Documenting intelligence



A high impact framework for accelerating innovation

2015/06, November 2015

Alejandro Torres-Padilla, Ricardo Gonzalez-Nakazawa, Robert Phaal, David Probert


Keywords: Innovation framework, holistic approach, roadmap 



Assessing strategic importance of innovation to multinational corporations through content analysis or corporate annual reports

2015/05, October 2015

Arron Rodrigues, Tim Minshall


Keywords: Innovation, executive strategy, content analysis, communication



The Role of Communicators in Innovation Clusters: A Qualitative Study of the Munich and Cambridge Innovation Clusters

2015/04, October 2015

Bettina BlasiniTim Minshall


Keywords: Communicators, innovation cluster, Munich, Cambridge


The Role of Additive Manufacturing in Improving Resource Efficiency and Sustainability

2015/03, June 2015

Mélanie Despeisse, Simon Ford


Keywords: Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, sustainability



The Intellectual Property Business Model (IP-BM) - Lessons from ARM Plc.

2015/02, June 2015

Simone Ferriani, Elizabeth Garnsey, Gianni Lorenzoni, Lorenzo Massa


Keywords: Intellectual property, business Model, ARM Plc.



IP strategies and policies for and against evergreening

2015/01, April 2015

Ove Granstrand, Frank Tietze


Keywords: Intellectual property, patent management, evergreening literature review



Opportunity Discovery and Creation in Disruptive Innovation

2013/03, December 2013

Chang Che Hang, Elizabeth Garnsey & Yi Ruan, whole paper pdf file


Firm Growth and the Illusion of Radomness

2013/02, July 2013

James Derbyshire, Elizabeth Garnsey & Garry Haywood, whole paper pdf file


Social Ventures as Innovators at the Base of the Pyramid

2012/02, May 2012

Julia F Li & Elizabeth Garnsey, whole paper pdf file


A Review of Research on the Role and Effectiveness of Business Incubation for High-growth Start-ups

2012/01, Jan 2012

Nicola Dee, David Gill, Robert Lacher, Finbarr Livesey and Tim Minshall, whole paper pdf file


Value Generation in Science and Enterprise: University-Industry Collaboration in the Case of CAMPATH-1

2011/05, October 2011
Elizabeth Garnsey & Vivian Mohr, Whole paper pdf file 404k


How do High-Growth Firms Grow? Evidence from Cambridge, UK

2011/04, August 2011 ISBN 978-1-902546-18-6
Vivian Mohr & Elizabeth Garnsey, Whole paper pdf file 4Mb


Opportunities and Resources for Disruptive Technological Innovation

2011/03, July 2011 ISBN 978-1-902546-19-3
CC Hang & Elizabeth Garnsey, Whole paper pdf file 404k


Finance, Innovation and Emerging Industries - a Review

2011/02, June 2011 ISBN 978-1-902546-98-8
Nicola J. Dee, Tim Minshall Whole paper pdf file 1Mb


Entrepreneurship and Global Health: Catalyzing the Ecosystem

2011/01, April 2011 ISBN 978-1-902546-95-7
Julia F Li & Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 650k


Embracing Uncertainty: Value Creation by Advanced Materials Ventures

2010/02, October 2010 ISBN 978-1-902546-89-6
Elicia Maine, Sarah Lubik & Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 168k


Exploring the Constituents of Growth in a Technology Cluster: Evidence from Cambridge, UK

2010/01 September 2010 ISBN 978-1-902546-85-8
Vivian Mohr and Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 1Mb


Realizing the potential of advanced material innovations

2009/06 November 2009 ISBN 978-1-902546-83-4 
Sarah Lubik and Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 280k


The Cambridge High Tech Cluster on the eve of the financial crisis

2009/05 September 2009 ISBN 978-1-902546-78-0 
Mark Evans and Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 1.6Mb


The emergence and development of the Cambridge inkjet printing industry

2009/04 September 2009 ISBN 978-1-902546-77-3 
Elizabeth Garnsey, Brychan Thomas and Erik Stam Whole paper pdf file 604k


Innovation as response to emissions legislation: revisiting the automotive catalytic converter at Johnson Matthey

2009/03 February 2009 ISBN 978-1-902546-72-8 
Lan Tao, Elizabeth Garnsey, David Probert and Tom Ridgman Whole paper pdf file 396k


Stockmarket Listing and Cleantech Business Development; Evidence from AiM

2009/02 January 2009 ISBN 978-1-902546-71-1 
Milena Müller and Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 396k


The Cambridge High Tech Cluster: resilience and response to cyclical trends

2009/01 January 2009 ISBN 978-1-902546-70-4 
Alex Drofiak and Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 1.1Mb


The Commercialization of Advanced Material Technologies by University Spin-Outs

2008/03, October 2008 ISBN 978-1-902546-68-1 
Sarah J. Lubik Whole paper pdf file 380k


Employment growth of new firms

2008/02, January 2008 ISBN 978-1-902546-64-3 
Erik Stam, Petra Gibcus, Jennifer Telussa and Elizabeth Garnsey Whole paper pdf file 532k


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy

2008/01, January 2008 ISBN 978-1-902546-63-6 
Erik Stam Whole paper pdf file 600k


Constraints on the Growth of Technology-based Firms – Perceptions and Effects

2007/05, September 2007 ISBN 978-1-902546-62-9 
Paul Heffernan Whole paper pdf file 372k


Entrepreneurship in the Knowledge Economy

2007/04, ISBN 978-1-902546-58-2 
Erik Stam, Elizabeth Garnsey [whole paper pdf file 572k]


Combining Resource Based and Evolutionary Theory: A Synthesis applied to Bio-Enterprise Networks

2007/03, ISBN 1-902546-54-7 
Elizabeth Garnsey, Yuen Yoong Leong [whole paper pdf file 588k]


Development and Commercialisation of Eco-Innovations by New Ventures

2007/02 ISBN 1-902546-55-5 
Nicky Dee, Simon Ford and Elizabeth Garnsey [whole paper pdf file 400k]


Imprinting-Deprinting-Reimprinting: A Process Theory of Intergenerational Learning and Spin-off Entry

2007/01 ISBN 1-902546-56-3 
Simone Ferriani, Elizabeth Garnsey and Gianni Lorenzoni [whole paper pdf file 432k]


Clean Technology Ventures and Innovation

2006 ISBN 1-902546-53-9 
Elizabeth Garnsey, Nicola Dee, Simon Ford [whole paper pdf file 400k]


Complex Dynamic Processes in the Evolution of Early Information and Communication Technologies.

2005/02 ISBN 1-902546-44-X 
Elizabeth Garnsey, Paul Heffernan, Simon Ford. [whole paper pdf file 400k]


Commercializing Generic Technology: The Case of Advanced Materials Ventures

2005/01 ISBN 1-902546-41-5 
Elicia Maine and Elizabeth Garnsey 


From obstacle to opportunity: Problem-solving and competence creation in new firms

2004/03 ISBN 1-902546-38-5 
Oliver Hugo and Elizabeth Garnsey [whole paper pdf file]


Challenges facing new firms commercialising nanomaterials

2004/02 ISBN 1-902546-37-7 
Elicia Maine and Elizabeth Garnsey


Wielding scissors skilfully: The matching process of advanced materials ventures

2004/04 ISBN 1-902546-40-7 
Elicia Maine and Elizabeth Garnsey [whole paper pdf file]


Product and Process Innovation in Biopharmaceuticals: A New Perspective on Development

2004/01 ISBN 1-902546-35-0 
Lisa Lim, Elizabeth Garnsey & Mike Gregory [whole paper pdf file]


Do academic spin-outs differ and does it matter?

2003/02 ISBN 1-902546-31-8 
Céline Druilhe and Elizabeth Garnsey [whole paper pdf file]


Growth Setbacks in New Firms

2003/01 ISBN 1-902546-28-8 
Elizabeth Garnsey & Paul Heffernan  [whole paper pdf file]


Technology and Knowledge Based Business in the Cambridge Area; A review of the evidence

2002/01 ISBN 1-902546-27-X 
Paul Heffernan & Elizabeth Garnsey [whole paper pdf file]


Investigating the growth paths of young technology-based firms: A process approach

2001/01 ISBN 1-902546-26-1 
Oliver A Hugo, Elizabeth W Garnsey  [whole paper pdf file]


Representing and approaching complex management issues - role and definition

2000/03 ISBN 1-902546-21-0 
Noordin Shehabuddeen, David Probert, Rob Phaal, Ken Platts [whole paper pdf file]


Growing enterprises in evolving technology-based industries: a pilot study

2000/02 ISBN 1-902546-22-9 
Elizabeth Garnsey and Tim Minshall


Practical assessment of technology management processes: implementation factors

2000/01 ISBN 1-902546-20-2 
Clare Farrukh, Rob Phaal and David Probert

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