Strategic Technology Management

Investing in the right technologies over the lifecycle of products and businesses places great demands on management and decision processes. Our research in this area aims to help managers with insights into technology planning, understanding technology trends and breakthroughs, sourcing technologies and assessing their value to the business. Practical relevance is emphasised through a focus on management processes and tools, underpinned by well-founded conceptual frameworks.


Management Tools for Decision Support

Exploring the development and use of structured methods to gather, explore organise and communicate the information necessary for decision-making and management.


Early Stage Technology acquisition and protection

Integrating critical factors associated with the acquisition of early stage technologies into a decision support tool.


Decision-making for Emerging Technologies

Exploring decision-making on emerging technologies to develop theoretical and practical models about how these processes happen and when they yield the best outcomes.



The roadmapping method has been an ongoing area of research activity, developing underpinning theory and frameworks, and practical workshop-based methods for the rapid initiation of roadmapping within firms and at the sector level.


Industrial emergence

This project has used mapping techniques to identify the patterns, enablers and barriers associated with the historical emergence of technology-intensive industries to develop a set of tools for supporting strategic planning.


Make or buy

Factors to consider when making technology (and other) sourcing decisions.


Technology intelligence

The quality of a technology strategy is largely dependent on the quality of the knowledge and information available. A framework for technology intelligence has been developed, including practical guidance, and the role of intermediaries has been explored, particularly in the context of open innovation.


Technology evaluation and marketing 

Understanding and communicating the potential value of a technology is a key challenge those concerned with managing R&D. A process guide has been developed to support the appraisal and marketing of technology in business.






Past PhD research in strategic technology management

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