CTM Reports


Additive manufacturing innovationsAdditive Manufacturing Innovations by UK Organisations

A review of patents and literature published between 2006 and 2015
Jane List and Frank Tietze




Future patent analyticsExploring The Future Of Patent Analytics

Leonidas Aristodemou and Frank Tietze






Technology acquisitionsTechnology acquisition and protection

The report captures the findings of the research and presents a structured approach to examining prospective technology acquisition opportunities.





Breakthrough innovationOrganising for breakthrough innovation: Rejuvenating the established firm 

This report provides companies with guidelines on how to improve their approach to the generation of radically different technologies. 




Getting help with OIGetting help with open innovation

The report aims to help companies select the most effective source of help with open innovation.





How to implement OIHow to implement Open Innovation: Lessons from multinational companies

This report sets out to answer the question: ‘I want to implement open innovation – where should I start and what should I do?’






Creating distributed generation: How solar financing ventures are built

A research summary for entrepreneurs, policy makers and technology firms, Harald Overholm, January 2013


Developing competencies to take emerging technologies to market - an exploratory study

CTM PP 2010/01 November 2010, Judith Shawcross


Foresight Vehicle technology roadmap - technology and research directions for future road vehicles

Phaal, R. (2002), Version 1.0, October, Department for Trade and Industry, URN 02/933

Funding Technology - Israel and the virtues of necessity

By David Gill, Tim Minshall, Martin Rigby and Bob Campbell

Funding Technology - Lessons from America

By David Gill, Chris Martin, Tim Minshall and Martin Rigby

Funding Technology - Germany: better by design?

By David Gill, Tim Minshall and Martin Rigby


Funding Technology - Britan Forty Years On

By David Gill, Tim Minshall, Craig Pickering and Martin Rigby

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