Open Innovation


Innovation is an increasingly distributed process, involving networks of geographically dispersed players with a variety of possible – and dynamic – value chain configurations. ‘Open innovation’ is one term that has emerged to describe the use of:


“[..] inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation [..].”

(Chesbrough et al., 2006).


Implementing an open innovation strategy presents many challenges for management. Our research in this area is focused on helping companies understand and overcome these challenges.



Resources and links



Open Innovation Practitioner Forum in the Food and FMCG Value Chain

  • The Forum is a structured programme where members share best practice, explore 'hot topics' along the food and FMCG Value Stream and participate in optional, accelerated Open Innovation (OI) collaborations. More details here.

Open Innovation Research Forum

  • The Forum is a structured programme where members share best practice, explore ‘hot topics’ along the FMCG Value Stream & participate in optional, accelerated OI collaborations.

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Open Innovation Practitioner Support

  • IfM's Education and Consultancy Services are able to offer practitioner support to assist individual companies to develop appropriate skills and to evaluate current practices and accelerate the adoption of Open Innovation. 

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