Open Innovation Research Forum

OIRF is an international network of researchers focused on identifying, understanding and addressing the challenges of implementing open innovation. OIRF activities include annual meetings at OIRF partner locations, a working paper series (see below), a Twitter feed, and a LinkedIn group.


For more information on the work of the OIRF, please contact Tim Minshall.


OIRF working papers and SSRN papers from OIRF researchers


2014-2 Longitudinal effects of open R&D strategy on firm performance: Comparative study of the UK and Korea

Joonmo Ahn, Tim Minshall, Letizia Mortara.


2014-1 Open innovation: an approach for enhancing performance in innovative SMEs

Joonmo Ahn, Tim Minshall, Letizia Mortara (SSRN).


2013-2 Linkages between openness and CEO characteristics in innovative SMEs

Joonmo Ahn, Letizia Mortara, Tim Minshall (SSRN).


2013-1 The effects of open innovation on firm performance: a capacity approach

Joonmo Ahn, Letizia Mortara, Tim Minshall (SSRN).


2012-1 Harnessing the value of open innovation: The moderating role of innovation management
Thorsten Oliver Salge, Thomas Marc Bohné, Tomas Farchi and Erk Peter Piening. (OIRF)


2011-2 Effect of consultancy services on the R&D and marketing relationship
Luzselene Rincón and Tim Minshall (OIRF).


2011-1 Development of an infrastructure to support open innovation
Tim Minshall, Stefan Kouris, Letizia Mortara (OIRF).


Recent papers by OIRF members

2014 Developing infrastructure to support open innovation: Analysis of case studies in the East of England

Tim Minshall, Stephan Kouris, Patrick Schmithausen, Letizia Mortara and David Weiss


2013 Navigating the impact-innovation double hurdle: The case of a climate change fund

Lettice F, Smart P, Baruch Y and Johnson M.

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