Second International STI Policy Forum: Singapore


“Turning a Goldfish into Dragon:

Issues on Singapore’s Industrial Policy”



This first CSTI industrial policy forum will be held at the Institute for Manufacturing in autumn 2013 (TBC). The forum will bring together researchers from around the UK – and beyond – with a shared interest in Singapore and industrial policy.


The forum will feature three sessions. The first session entitled “The Evolution of Singapore’s Industrial Policies” will discuss shifts in Singapore’s industrial policy priorities and initiatives over the last five decades.


The second session entitled “Singapore's Changing Industrial Landscape” will discuss Singapore's changing industrial composition. The role of both MNCs and indigenous firms will be explored and specific examples will be drawn from selected industries, including aerospace and petrochemicals.


Finally, the third session entitled "Singapore's Intitutional Infrastructure" will focus on the configuration and operation of institutions supporting industry-relevant policies in Singapore. Besides EDB, the importance of other institutions such as research centres and vocational training centres in nurturing 'value chain ecosystems' will be discussed.


It is expected that the results of the workshop will be summarised in a policy brief that will be shared with the wider policy community.



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