National and international innovation policy: A systems perspective

A systems approach to national and international innovation policy helps to reveal connections between elements of innovation, industrial and technological systems.


National and international innovation policy requires embracing a systems-based approach that highlights the intricate connections between its various components. This perspective underscores the interdependence among stakeholders, their resources and capabilities, technologies, and institutions within innovation and industrial systems, emphasizing how changes in one element can ripple across the entire system.


One critical aspect within this theme is the emphasis on challenge-led RD&D entity systems, which channel research, development, and innovation efforts towards addressing specific economic, societal and environmental challenges and missions. These systems aim to coordinate resources, competences and capabilities, fostering collaboration and driving targeted innovations to tackle complex issues effectively. Understanding these systemic dynamics is crucial for effective governance and coordination, decision-making, and the advancement of science and technology at national and global levels.



Key projects:

Governance of research and innovation: UK in an international comparative context

This project aims to comparatively assess international R&I governance best practices across leading innovation economies with implications for improving R&I systems. Additionally, it explores governance in energy-related R&I as a crucial component of net-zero objectives.


Evolving social network of innovation communities

This project examines how and why communities of innovation form and evolve.


Statistical revisitation of innovation models

This project aims to understand whether existing models of innovation hold for contemporary innovation.


Long-term patterns in technological emergence

This project addresses the questions of how and why technologies emerge in the long term.


Division of innovation labour across technological maturities

This project explores how scientific funders coordinate in the long term.

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