As part of CSTI’s engagement and dissemination activities, we invite policymakers to spend time as a visiting researcher with the centre. Policymakers use this time to develop more rigorous evidence bases for longer-term STI strategic policies and are given time and space to reflect on their policy experiences. All this is with the support of CSTI staff, who provide conceptual frameworks and research insights to facilitate the policy and evidence investigation. These placements have resulted in conference or journal papers that use the policy case studies to provide unique insights for policy makers.


To support knowledge diffusion, CSTI researchers are also seconded into Government Departments and Agencies. These placements are focused on specific policy challenges that CSTI’s researchers have experience and insight into from their research. These placements have resulted in policy reports and presentations that provide evidence for policy development.


Policy visitors (current & former)


Catherine Coates, former Director of Business Innovation, EPSRC

Currently: Independent expert advisor on university-industry partnering

Status: Visiting researcher (former)

Duration: September, 2015 to December, 2016 (part-time)







Belinda Clarke, Lead Technologist for synthetic biology, Innovate UK (former)

Currently: Director of Agri-Tech East

Status: Visiting researcher

Duration: 2013 to present (part-time)







Paul McCaffrey, Project Leader, Foresight Future of Manufacturing Project, Government Office of Science  (former)

Currently: Deputy Director, Strategic Investment & accounts, UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

Status: Visitor

Duration: August, 2014 (part-time)





CSTI Secondees (current & former)


Charles Featherston's secondment

Seconded to: Manufacturing Policy Team,

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)

Outputs: Emerging industries and BIS: How Sector Teams might consider emerging industries based of the structures and functions (internal report)

Duration: April-May, 2014 (part-time)




Carlos Lopez Gomez's secondments

Seconded to: Centre for Research & Development Strategy (CRDS), Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST)

Outputs: Analysis of regional technology & innovation centres (kohsetsushi)in Japan

Duration: October-December, 2015


Seconded to: UN Industrial Development Organization

                           Outputs: Value chain analysis manual

                           Duration: August-November, 2010



O'Sullivan's secondment

Seconded to: Knowledge Base,

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)


Duration: June, 2009 (part-time)

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