Manufacturing policy and industrial strategy: National and regional


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Key projects:

Comparing International Manufacturing Research and Technology Institutes: Exploring variations in missions, functions and ecosystem ‘division of labour’

Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) are at the core of a renewed policy interest, especially in countries such as the UK and US. They have a unique position in filling gaps along the innovation cycle and in driving regional development, by translating value creation into local value capture. This project explores the ‘division of labour’ of RTOs’ activities into different ecosystems, providing theoretical and empirical contributions.  


InterAct project on ‘Perceptions of Manufacturing’ 

Understanding ‘perceptions of manufacturing’ across different countries is critical. In fact, recent surveys confirm that there are misconceptions that result in manufacturing struggling to attract skilled workers and that manufacturing gets less attention from policy makers, despite being at the core of innovation activities and economic growth. This is an InterAct funded project led with colleagues from Policy Links Unit (Dr. Jennifer Castañeda) and from Aston Business School (Dr. Dalila Ribaudo).  


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