Competing through competences

This book helps you to understand your organisation's potential, its capabilities and limitations, so when new challenges appear, you'll know how to manage your resources effectively to take advantage of them. It will show you how to build a more sustainable competitive advantage by revealing the techniques that underlie your firm's strategy, and explain how to improve and manage these resources to reinforce your strengths and ameliorate your weaknesses. It will help managers:

  • Make more reliable and insightful decisions about which capabilities to build for the future, which to sustain and which to discard
  • Access value previously hidden in under-utilised and unrecognised resources
  • Build and sustain a competitive advantage leading to faster benefits in volume and/or profit growth
  • Take safer decisions on divestment and make versus buy, reducing 'hollowing out' risks
  • Improve their choice of acquisition targets, joint venture partners, suppliers and distributors
  • Capture more reliably the value of resources and competences lying outside traditional company boundaries through improved management of such relationships
  • Reduce downside risks when choosing new markets to enter and new technologies to access and develop

£50.00 plus P&P

ISBN 0-521-75030-X