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Working Papers:



Adoption of Quantum Technologies and Business Model Innovation

Chander Velu, Fathiro Putra, Evert Geurtsen, Keith Norman & Christopher Noble

Paper No.: BMI 01/2022




Repaying the National Debt: Post-Pandemic Prosperity through Business Model Innovation and Productivity Growth

Chander Velu & Philip Chen

Paper No.: BMI 01/2021


Intangible Capital and Reorientation of Manufacturing During a Pandemic

Fauzi, Said, Andy Payne, Liz Salter & Chander Velu

Paper No.: BMI 02/2021


The Complementarity of Human and Organizational Capital to the Productivity of Robots

Philip Chen, Chander Velu & Duncan McFarlane

Paper No.: BMI 03/2021




Preparing for Industry 4.0: Digital Business Model Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry

Philipp Kobnick, Chander Velu & Duncan McFarlane

Paper No.: BMI 01/2020


Does Blockchain for 3D Printing Offer Opportunities for Business Model Innovation?

Maximilian Klockner, Stefan Kurpjuweit, Chander Velu & Stephan M. Wagner

Paper No.: BMI 02/2020


Productivity Growth and Business Model Innovation

Wit Wannakrairoj & Chander Velu 

Paper No.: BMI 03/2020




Business Model Cohesiveness Scorecard: Implications of Digitization for Business Model Innovation

Chander Velu

Paper No.: BMI 01/2019







Adoption of Quantum Technologies and Business Model Innovation
The imperative for business model innovation The imperative for business model innovation - a research and practice perspective
Business Model Innovation Report Business model innovation - a snapshot of research and practice at the IfM


Conference Board Digital Transformation Report


Webcast on Realizing the Full Potential of Digital Transformation - The Conference Board and Cambridge


Targeting the Full Value of Digital Disruption - Cambridge and IBM 





The innovation game

The innovation game

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