Business model innovation research at the IfM

The Institute for Manufacturing has launched a new research programme focused around business model innovation.
Business model innovation

Research into business model innovation has become an increasingly important part of the work carried out at the IfM across a number of different areas, including: technology and innovation management, servitization, sustainability, global value network design and policy development. Business model research also underpins the work of IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) in developing and applying research-based toolkits for business improvement.

Dr Chander Velu is heading a new IfM programme which, as well as carrying out its own research, will provide a focal point for bringing together related research themes from across the IfM.

He also wants to help develop a coherent research agenda across the wider research community. Last year, a group of academics and industrialists met at the IfM to identify possible areas for investigation. This was followed in December by a workshop for UK researchers and a further workshop is planned for the summer to pursue this agenda with researchers from a range of international universities. This workshop will be hosted jointly with the University of Exeter and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

For more information on the new research programme visit the dedicated webpage.


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Date published

8 April 2015

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