This page gives an overview of the Business Model Innovation Research Programme Meetings. IfM staff and students can access the slides from these meetings via the intranet through this link (only accessible via Raven login).




The Diffusion of Robot Adoption and Productivity - July 2024

Pengbo Qi 


Managing Complex Innovation through Knowledge Architects: In the Case of Digital Twins for Drug Discovery - March 2024

Luka Gebel


Exploring multi-sided market supply chain configurations in the evolution of digital platforms - Oct 2023
Emily Xia 


Envisioning the Impact of Quantum Computing on Business Model Innovations - May 2023

Fathiro Putra


Incoherence of Business Model Innovation in Digital Transformation - March 2023

Chen Ye


Business Model Innovation and Productivity Growth: Servitization of Rolls-Royce - February 2023

Wit Wannakrairoj


Elastic Manufacturing project - October 2022

Sudhir Rama Murthy & Nikolai Kazantsev


The Effects of Robot Adoption on Operating Flexibility - May 2022

Philip Chen


Vertical Integration and Firm Performances - March 2022

Myungun Kim & Chander Velu


From Lab to Market: Early-Stage Business Models for the Commercialisation of University Technology in the Cleantech Industry - February 2022

Feares Ben Hadj & Zurina Moktar


Get Ready for Quantum Age: The Implications of Quantum Technologies for Business Model Innovation - January 2022

Fathiro Putra


How do Firms Achieve Optimal Distinctiveness - December 2021

Sudhir Rama Murthy & Jiashun Huang


Business Models and Risk Adjusted Productivity - June 2021

Wit Wannakrairoj


AI-driven Business Model Innovation: How are incumbents leveraging AI to innovate their buiness model?  A status quo analysis and case study - May 2021

Arber Sejdiji


Corporate accelerators to enable digital transformation of incumbent firms - April 2021

Feares Ben Hadj


A Sketch for Intelligent Business Models - March 2021

Philip Chen


The effect of robotics on bilateral trade flows in Global Value Chains - February 2021

Pengbo Qi


Philipp Koebnick - PhD Lessons Learnt - January 2021

Philipp Koebnick


Post-Pandemic Prosperity through Business Model Innovation and Productivity Growth - November 2020

Philip Chen


Intangible Capital and Reorientation of Manufacturing During a Pandemic - October 2020

Fauzi Said


The Impact of robotics and digitization on the firm level productivity - July 2020

Pengbo Qi


My PhD Experience: From Year 1 to submitting corrections business model - June 2020

Ghanim Al-Sulaiti


Intangible Capital and Productivity Improvement: A Study of Small and Medium Enterprises in the UK Areospace Industry - February 2020

Fauzi Said


Writing and Presentation - January 2020

Chander Velu


Innovative and Sustainable Business Models: An Institutional Investor's Perspective - December 2019

Azman Hj. Mokhtar


Business Models and two different visions of Capitalism  - December 2018

Charles Hampden-Turner


Blockchain Technology in Additive Manufacturing: Exploring Opportunities for Business Model Innovation - November 2018

Stefan Kurpjuweit


The implication of Industry 4.0 principles on incumbent manufacturing firm’s business models – first insights from field work in a European multi-national industrial conglomerate - May 2018

Philipp Koebnick


The disruptive potential of digital ledger technology: A framework for understanding business model innovation - May 2018

David Lechner


Innovative work behavior and the role of organizational climate for business model innovation - February 2018

Marianne Hock


Mindsets and bioscience business models - January 2018

Miranda Weston-Smith


Reporting entity business models: Conceptualising, classifying and evaluating performance - November 2017

Prof. Colin Haslam, Dr. Nick Tsitsianis, Dr. Chander Velu


Making digital sense: A strategic sensemaking perspective of digital strategy practitioners - October 2017

Samsurin Welch


Business model innovation in the era of Industry 4.0: A dynamic capability perspective - May 2017

Philipp Koebnick


Knowledge, Metaknowledge and the Adaptive Replication of Information Technologies - April 2017

Stefano Miraglia (UCL)


Emerging technologies and their influence on business model dynamics: (open) business models of 3D Printing organisations in the food industry - February 2017

Serena Flammini


Developing a Process for Formulating a Digital Transformation Strategy -

January 2017

Mariam Abdelaal


Understanding the impact of complementary asset type on platform strategy - January 2017

Ghanim Al-Sulaiti


How and why do firms engage in 'unplanned' relationships? - October 2016

Hyunkyu Park


Innovation management of technology social enterprises - October 2016

Bang Ming Yong


Entry into the Old Technology during a Discontinuity: The Case of New Ventures in Anticancer Chemotherapy - April 2016

Lourdes Sosa (LSE)


Business Model Seminar - February 2016

Charles Baden-Fuller, Cass Business School, London


Business Models in Commercialising University Intellectual Property (IP)  - January 2016

Zurina Moktar


Business Model Evolution as an 'adaptive walk'  - December 2015

Mark A Phillips


Business Model Innovation White Paper - October 2015

Chandler Velu


Through Life Accountability: managing complex services - March 2015

Chara Makri, Prof Andy Neely


Technology project selection using Business Model perspective - March 2015

Nitish Gupta


Capturing value from big data through data-driven business models - Feb 2015

Philipp Hartman, Dr Mohamed Zaki, Prof Andy Neely


Marketing process for technology, November 2014

Clare Farrukh, Nicky Athanassopoulou

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