Assessing your automation investment decisions

Automation can be the answer to a whole host of manufacturing and operations questions. This webinar outlines the IfM's structured Automation Assessment Tool to support you in automation investment decision making.

Digital manufacturing

Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Professor McFarlane talks about the next stage in the IoT evolution and its expansion into industry (IIoT).

Digital manufacturing, on a shoestring budget [WEBINAR]

This webinar introduces Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring, an EPSRC-funded project, that aims to demonstrate how low-cost commercially available technologies can be exploited in SMEs.


How AI is helping to bring clarity to complex supply networks

In this webinar we give an overview of AI applications in supply chains, considering how it can support predictive data analytics, autonomous decision making and pattern identification in industrial systems.

AI applications including enhanced process control

In this webinar we give an overview of AI applications in manufacturing, before considering how it is being used to enhance process control and optimisation. IfM experts present how AI can and is being used for quality assurance, improving operational performance.

AI for asset management and predictive maintenance

In this webinar Ajith Parlikad, Professor of Asset Management, IfM, University of Cambridge, explores how organisations can leverage AI to optimise operations, reduce downtime, and enhance overall efficiency.

Ecosystem mapping

Ecosystem thinking for strategic planning [WEBINAR]

In this webinar Florian Urmetzer explores how looking to your business ecosystem can offer opportunities to draw in the resources and capabilities needed to meet the demands of end-customers.


Confronting complexity: How systems engineering can be applied to healthcare, policy and industry

In this webinar, guest speaker Professor John Clarkson, explains how systems thinking from engineering can be applied to almost any complex challenge, and discuss specific outcomes from his work on the Royal Academy of Engineering project ‘Engineering Better Care’.

Managing risk

Total information risk management

Making the business case for data quality programmes.

Manufacturing a better world

Test, Tag and Trace - A digital solution to get organisations back to work, safely

This webinar gives an overview of research demonstrating how organisations can use widely available, low-cost technology to provide greater protection to employees as they return to work.

Developing a ventilator sharing device for use in emergencies

In this webinar, experts from the IfM, Royal Papworth Hospital and Cambridge Design Partnership discuss how they developed a device that, if needed in an emergency, could be attached to a ventilator to enable two COVID-19 patients to receive tailored respiratory support.

COVID-19: Manufacturing at a turning point

At this IfM Briefing, leading experts from the Institute for Manufacturing draw lessons from the response of firms and governments to the COVID-19 pandemic, and look at how the manufacturing industry is likely to change and adapt in the months and years ahead.


Strategic roadmapping: take control in times of uncertainty

Dr Imoh Ilevbare, Product Manager (Innovation and Technology Management) at IfM ECS, provides insights on how to stay on the front-foot in the face of the current complex and rapidly-shifting political and technological landscape.

Steering your organisation through a time of uncertainty

In this webinar, experts from the IfM cover how organisations can use strategic tools including roadmapping and scenario planning to plan in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Strategic planning for digital transformation [WEBINAR]

In this webinar Dr Rob Phaal explores the practice of strategic roadmapping and how it could be applied to support digital transformation in an organisation.

Strategic asset management

Patient-flow modelling and resource demand prediction during COVID-19

This webinar provides insights based on the experience and modelling efforts of Addenbrookes Hospital, based in Cambridge (UK), to predict local hospital admissions, model patient flows through the hospital and estimate subsequent use of resources.



Centre for Industrial Sustainability Academic Webinars

The Centre for Industrial Sustainability has run an annual academic webinar series on Sustainability topics across a number of universities

Manufacturing sustainability: Back to the future

In this webinar Steve Evans revisits the 'Future of UK Manufacturing' predictions from 2013 and looks ahead to the big changes and challenges that are now shaping our industrial future.

Manufacturing sustainability: Sustainable value creation through industrial symbiosis

This webinar covers the findings from the EU-funded SCALER Project. Researchers from the Centre for Industrial Sustainability highlight the role; the triggers, enablers and barriers for implementation; and the economic, environmental and social benefits of industrial symbiosis.

How the EIT Food Accelerator Network can transform your start-up

The EIT Food Accelerator Network is a unique programme of support that has helped some of the most impactful start-ups in the agri-tech and food-tech sectors. In this webinar, we hear from the programme lead and previous alumni of the programme about what makes it such a success.

Manufacturing sustainability: Identifying and eliminating waste

This webinar looks at how identifying and eliminating waste in your business makes business sense. Experts from research and industry will explain techniques for identifying waste using data you are already collecting and how you can get buy-in from across the business to drive the initiative forward.

Manufacturing sustainability: How to develop sustainable business models

This webinar looks at why sustainable business models matter and how to think differently about value creation and capture. We also cover applications from three industries where IfM tools have helped businesses to shift to a sustainable business model.

Manufacturing sustainability: Practical steps towards an efficient future

In this webinar, experts from the Centre for Industrial Sustainability highlight why sustainability makes business sense and how manufacturers can generate new value whilst reducing waste.