Test, Tag and Trace - A digital solution to get organisations back to work, safely

This webinar gives an overview of research demonstrating how organisations can use widely available, low-cost technology to provide greater protection to employees as they return to work.


The proposed approach - test, tag and trace – if carefully implemented and properly communicated to employees – will enable businesses to re-open more effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.




Dr Veronica Martinez, University Lecturer, Cambridge Service Alliance
Dr Mahsa Honary, Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Service Alliance
Denise Feldener, Lawyer and Technology Expert, Berlin
Souroush Honary, System Loco



Further information:


Article: Test, Tag and Trace: A digital solution for getting back to the office safely


This research acknowledges the support of the EPSRC New Industrial Systems: OMMS - Optimising Me Manufacturing System research grant [EP/R022534/1].


Publication: Honary M., Martinez V., Wlazlowski T., Helal S., von Oertzen H. and Honary S. (2020) “Getting the country back to work, safely: A digital solution”, ACM Digital Government: Research and Practice, COVID-19: Rapid Responses, Government Policies, and Impacts. 1(1).

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Veronica Martinez

E: vm338@cam.ac.uk