3D printing

What is 3D printing?

With news of 3D printed cars, houses and even food, is this the future of manufacturing? The Naked Scientists take a closer look at the workings of 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, and what this might mean for our collective futures. Dr Tim Minshall took Kat Arney through the basics.

Advanced manufacturing

Ian Hutchings discusses Leonardo da Vinci and friction

In this podcast, Professor Ian Hutchings, Head of the IfM's Inkjet Research Centre and GKN Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, talks about how he came across some notes by Leonardo da Vinci which he realised represented the first systematic study of the laws of friction.

50 Years of Working at The Speed of Light

2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the invention of the Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). The science has evolved from a series of curious instruments conceived and produced by a handful of scientists, to one of the most important scientific inventions of all time.

Inkjet printing in micro-manufacturing: opportunities and limitations

Professor Ian Hutchings, GKN Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at the IfM, discusses the possibilities of using ink-jet printing technology for manufacturing very small things out of metal, ceramics and polymers.

Global supply chains

The future of supply chain data management

Looking at the latest developments in supply chain research with Aerospace giant Boeing, including developing components with in-built intelligence which use the latest technologies to assess and manage their own service needs.

Manufacturing matters

Podcast - The importance of academia to the manufacturing landscape

Professor Andy Neely discusses his views on manufacturing in the podcast series entitled 'Manufacturing at Heart?

Open Innovation

Implementing open innovation: lessons from multi-national companies

Dr Letizia Mortara looks at how multi-nationals have been approaching Open Innovation and the common themes that were observed by researchers across a range of industries following a two year IfM study of OI.

What does 'open innovation' mean for the Cambridge high tech cluster?

The IfM's Dr Tim Minshall talks about the realtionship between open innovation and Cambridge, the nature of partnerships. In this interview he examines the nature of OI, the role of serendipity and the role OI plays in getting ideas out of the door.

Strategic asset management

Through-life management of industrial assets

Dr Ajith Parlikad will discuss the key challenges in asset management and the role of emerging information technologies in improving the way in which assets are tracked and managed.


Towards a sustainable industrial system: interview with Professor Steve Evans

Interview with Professor Steve Evans about how the IfM's Centre for Industrial Sustainability is working to develop knowledge and tools that accelerate the transition towards a sustainable industrial system.

Turning waste into high value products in Sri Lanka

IfM has been working closely with leading Sri Lankan garment manufacturing companies to transform waste streams into high value products through innovative remanufacturing processes and new business models.