Product to patent mapping (P2P) in virtual reality – leveraging IP in the NPD stage

Intellectual property rights are an important driver of innovation and productivity. Understanding your own product and its intellectual property elements is a strategic tool for fastening up the new product development process, evaluate your own patent portfolio and check for licensing agreements for product and process improvements. 


The visualization of knowledge and technological landscapes is a well researched tool and has multiple publication in the area of patent analysis.The increase in computational power has brought the benefit of introducing the virtual and augmented reality (VR) into the new product development process. 3D models of cars are designed, converted into the virtual reality where the interaction with the product gives many more opportunities then interacting with a 3D model in the pc.


Whereas all research in companies and academia focus on the design and experimental rapid prototyping capability of virtual reality supported new product development, this research aims to introduce the product to patent mapping model into the new product development process to leverage the internal IP portfolio and increase IP collaboration.


Project lead: Cihat Cengiz

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