Cross-functional integration of R&D and IP - influence of inter-functional citizenship behaviors on the innovation process

Intellectual property rights are an important driver of innovation and productivity. Understanding your own product and its intellectual property elements is a strategic tool for fastening up the new product development process, evaluate your own patent portfolio and check for licensing agreements for product and process improvements.


The creation of successful new products is fundamentally a multidisciplinary process and requires multiple inputs from multiple sources. Several organisations created specific departments for the management of IP and the integration of the Intellectual Property with other departments opens new opportunities for the innovation process. The R&D department is a very vivid, technically oriented, creative and less hierarchical department and is one of the main seeding points for future technologies and products. Contrary, the IP is department is legally oriented, more formal and hierarchical. Integration of those fundamentally different “thought worlds” is a challenging issue and each interaction point needs to be carefully designed to be able to create value.


Project lead: Cihat Cengiz

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