Current research

We are involved in a number of exciting research activities supported by industrial partners.

Strategic Asset Management


Digital Cities for Change

This project aims to identify how data and digital tools are impacting the mechanics of policy, governance and management of a city and infrastructure planning and design in practice. 


Sustainable Design and Management of Industrial Assets

Funded by the EU H2020 programme, this project aims to develop a framework that helps industries understand and manage the whole-life cost and value generated by their assets.


Value-based Infrastructure Asset Management

This project focuses on developing tools and methodologies to support through-life decision-making and information management for infrastructure assets such as rail networks, bridges and highways.


Management of Complex Systems


Next Generation Converged Digital Infrastructure

This is an ambitious programme geared to create an agile, resilient internet and telecommunications network capable of meeting the future needs of our rapidly changing society and ensure that the UK’s digital infrastructure continues to be world leading.


Machine Learning and Prognostics

This project brings together the power of machine learning and predictive data analytics to improve prediction of equipment failures and optimise predictive maintenance strategies.


Social Network of Machines

This project aims to deliver a step change in efficiency and performance to the world of manufacturing by bringing together the advances in three domains – the Internet of Things, Social Networking and Engineering Asset Management.


Condition-based Maintenance Optimisation

This project aims to understand how assets affect system performance by modelling complex behaviors of such assets, e.g., interactive deterioration between components in an asset, fault propagation between assets in a system.


Criticality-based Maintenance

This project aims to develop a model that will combine several multi criteria decision making techniques to identify factors that influence changes in criticality, and to exploit the dynamic nature of criticality to generate dynamic CBM strategies adjusted to business needs.


Management of Asset Portfolios

This research addresses an increasing need in the industry to manage investments across large asset portfolios based on the associated risk of assets.


Asset Information Management 


Information Requirements for Asset Management 

The objectives of this activity are to develop a structured methodology to develop through-life asset information requirements and to develop guidance on how to organise and manage data to support asset management.


BIM for Asset Management 

This CSIC-funded project aims at examining the use of Building Information Models to support asset management.


Value of Information

This activity focusses on quantifying the value of condition-monitoring and other asset information in improving through-life asset management decisions.