Update from CTM PhD students

Alexander Moerchel is completing his second term in the first year of my part-time PhD. He is in the process of completing coursework requirements, in the middle of literature search and working on further refining his research questions.


Aocheng Tang is working on a conference paper with the title 'Openness and Closeness of Company's IP Strategies: an exploratory study on synthetic biology startups in the UK'


Berk Dogan’s research focuses on innovation ecosystems and intellectual property-related activities within the ecosystems. The central aim of his research is to explain different dynamics involved throughout the lifecycle of innovation ecosystems. He is also leading a research project about different business models to commercialise Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences research.


Jonas Ehrnspergerresearch focuses on positioning different companies within a patent licensing framework. Their licensing behaviour is measured by the number of licensees and the simplicity to access the firm’s Intellectual property. 


Leonidas Aristodemou is building the Artificial Intelligence Intellectual Property Decision Support Tool (AI IPDST) for technology development stage gate processes, which is based on machine learning classification of patents based on their value.”


Martha Geiger is researching the role of corporate innovation outposts located in innovation clusters, using the example of the automotive industry’s innovation outposts in Silicon Valley. 


Nitish Gupta is a third year PhD student, researching on portfolio management process in high tech firms, and currently completing a placement at Merck Group in Germany as a part of his PhD. 


Valeria Dammicco is currently working on gathering data to run a cluster analysis of the current Fab-Spaces landscape (and their BM). She is using a previous research (Mortara & Parisot, 2016) which mapped 73 Fab-Spaces with data gathered in 2013 to compare the findings and see what has changed over time.


We congratulate


Judith Shawcross on passed her viva on 25th January 2018 and she is now in the process of sorting out corrections. Her title of her thesis is Manufacturing Excellent Engineers 

Nazri Mahmud who successfully defended his PhD thesis on the 19th March 2018. His thesis is entitled: “Interdisciplinary Learning in Engineering Practice: An Exploratory Multi-case Study of Engineering for the Life Sciences Projects"


Date published

6 April 2018

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