New report on service innovation

'When Innovation Follows Promise - Why service innovation is different, and why that matters' is the latest executive briefing report issued by the Cambridge Service Alliance.

Research suggests that organisations are often less innovative with service provision than with product design, manufacture and sales. However, service companies account for 75 per cent of economic activity in developed economies, and even product companies incorporate elements of service into their business. So why does service innovation lag behind product innovation?

This executive briefing looks at the process of service innovation in an attempt to improve the way that service and product-service providers develop new services. It has implications for service provider and customer, both regarding their approach and contribution to the innovation process and service delivery, and the risks and rewards appropriated.


The briefing is authored by Ivanka Visnjic, Taija Turunen and Andy Neely.


Download the report here.


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Date published

30 April 2013

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