Prof Dr Ivanka Visnjic

Research Visitor

Ivanka is visiting researcher in the Cambridge Service Alliance and an Assistant Professor/Lecturer at ESADE Business School in Spain. Ivanka’s research focuses on the business model innovation that arises in the provision of complex services and product-service systems. Examples are the emergence of smart cities and the innovations of construction and facility management service providers, transformation of infrastructure-heavy ecosystems such as rail transport, energy and water utility or the advent of instrumentlization and the IT service strategies. During her PhD, she looked into tendencies of the durable equipment manufacturers to extend their business model towards provision of related services and evolution towards through-life solutions.


Ivanka’s research is based on close collaboration with industry. Her research at Cambridge Service Alliance has been conducted in partnership with IBM and BAE Systems and it assumes constant research interaction and consultation of a number of partners from aforementioned sectors. Her PhD has been commissioned by top management of a global equipment manufacturer and has helped in shaping the firm’s service strategy. Prior to her academic career, Ivanka worked at McKinsey & Co, where she specialized in product innovation strategies in pharmaceutical industry and participated on a number of consulting projects for top pharmaceutical firms.


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