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Application of digital technologies to innovation in manufacturing

This report, commissioned by BSI (British Standards Institute), looks at how standards and good practice can help the UK benefit from the ‘digital revolution’. The report, Application of digital technologies to innovation in manufacturing, brings together academic expertise from the IfM, Cranfield University and the University of Nottingham and the insights of UK manufacturers.

Capturing value from global networks

Strategic approaches to configuring international production, supply and service operations.


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ISBN 978-1-902546-30-8

High Value Manufacturing Landscape 2016 Interim Report

Building on the 2012 High Value Manufacturing (HVM) Landscape published by the IfM, this new study looks at the UK’s high value manufacturing landscape over the next 15 to 20 years. Its aim is to help UK policymakers, manufacturers and researchers make decisions about how best to support the growth of HVM.

Industrial Pact for Yucatan

This study sets out to inform new strategies and initiatives aimed at supporting Yucatan’s industrial development.

Making ‘smart specialisation’ smarter: an industrial-innovation system approach: the case of Agri-tech East

This report summarises a pilot project designed in collaboration with the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (now the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) to explore new approaches to enhance the effectiveness of smart specialisation in UK regions. The
report explains the development of an ‘industrial?innovation system’ approach, which allows a better alignment between distinctive regional capabilities and promising areas for specialisation and regional value capture.

The Business Model Innovation White Paper

Developed jointly by the University of Cambridge and the University of Exeter, this white paper looks at the challenges and opportunities presented by the unifying concept of the business model.

UK-Germany Report: Roles of National Institutions in Supporting Innovation

This workshop organised by Policy Links and the IfM’s Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (CSTI) brought together a high profile group of policymakers and practitioners from UK and German institutions to share experiences and identify best practices in implementing innovation policies.

Uncovering and funding ‘smart specialisation’ opportunities: a short guide for UK regional policy makers

This report was put together for the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (now Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) by Policy Links, the knowledge transfer unit of the Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy (CSTI) and the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB).

People, Projects and Activities 2016

The People, Projects and Activities 2016 report provides an insight into the range of work we do in all areas of manufacturing, from carbon nanotubes to global supply chains, from supporting national R&D strategies to  understanding the impact of the ‘digital revolution’.

Industrial Sustainability Annual Review 2014-15

The EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability has published its fourth Annual Review of Centre activities and outcomes from September 2014 to September 2015.

Industrial Evolution - Making British Manufacturing Sustainable

Report from the UK Manufacturing Commission Inquiry into Industrial Sustainability in which vital measures are outlined that government and industry should take to ensure that British manufacturing is here to stay.

Report: UK-US workshop on manufacturing and innovation policy

Organised by IfM's Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy in collaboration with the US Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, this workshop was held at the White House and brought together senior policy makers and agency officials from the UK and US to discuss manufacturing and innovation policy, with particular focus on technology and innovation centres.

Cambridge Service Alliance Annual Report

The Annual Report from the Cambridge Service Alliance has been published - The Alliance is a unique global partnership between businesses and universities.

The Nature, Location and Functioning of International Research Collaborations

A report exploring the structure, location, partner contributions, anticipated outcomes, and functioning of the collaborations UK manufacturing researchers have with international partners. It also investigates factors that might be considered to ensure the UK secures real value from the new insights and technology arising from these collaborations.

Building strategic university-industry partnerships: lessons from the UK and US

A new report discussing key lessons and effective practices from UK and US experiences for building and nurturing effective and mutually beneficial strategic university-industry partnerships.

UK Marine Industries - Technology Roadmap 2015

The 2015 Marine Industries Technology Roadmap examines those parts of the industry building vessels or supplying equipment and services for the commercial, leisure, naval and marine science sectors.

Business model innovation report

A snapshot of research and practice at the IfM. This short report is a first attempt to summarise current activities and hopefully provide a foundation for more systematic enquiry and engagement with others outside the IfM with similar interests.

IfM people, projects and activities 2015

The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) provides a unique environment for the creation and sharing of new ideas and approaches to modern industrial practice.

UK-Japan workshop on manufacturing and industrial policy

This report summarises a workshop in which the Institute for Manufacturing took part, aimed at building closer links between industrialists, officials and academics involved with manufacturing in the UK and Japan. The event, held in Tokyo on 19 June, was jointly organised by the IfM, Science and Innovation Network (SIN) Japan and the University of Tokyo.

Electric Vehicle Rental Services: Project in Okinawa, Japan

Researchers at the Cambridge Service Alliance at Cambridge University, have suggested new ways of increasing the uptake of electric car usage.

UK-India Manufacturing Policy Roundtable summary report

The UK-India Manufacturing Policy Roundtable, organised by the IfM and UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), was held in April in New Delhi, India.

EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability Annual Review 2013-14

The EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability conducts research that helps move industry to a sustainable future. A sustainable future is one which delivers shared and long-term success economically, environmentally and socially.

A review of international public sector roadmaps - advanced materials

This report, A review of international public sector strategies and roadmaps: a case study in advanced materials explores published international strategies for supporting advanced materials research and innovation. In particular, it analyses recent advanced materials-related ‘roadmaps’ and other strategy-related documents developed by or for governmental agencies in leading economies. Different approaches and practices for developing such strategies are also considered. Important differences in national innovation systems and industrial contexts, within which these strategies have been developed, are also highlighted.

When Innovation Follows Promise - Why service innovation is different, and why that matters

This executive briefing authored by Ivanka Visnjic, Taija Turunen and Andy Neely from the Cambridge Service Alliance, looks at the process of service innovation in an attempt to improve the way that service and product-service providers develop new services.

Collaborate to Innovate

How Business Ecosystems Unleash Business Value

KT-Box: Improving the competitiveness of UK service providers through applying academic research

"Improving the  competitiveness of  UK service providers  through applying  academic research" is the final report from the Knowledge-Transfer Box (KT-Box) programme. The research reported was developed by six university partners, working on 10 major EPRSC research projects aimed at enhancing the impact of academic research to create and improve complex services.

Making It - Advanced Manufacturing in the Liverpool City Region to 2020

The Making It process has been led by the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership with support from the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, BIS, Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and supporting LCR based companies.

The Defence and Security Technology Competency Report: Collaboration and leverage towards the UK 2035 landscape

The work was commissioned to help inform development of MoD strategy for research and development in technology, in line with the direction set in the National Security through Technology White Paper (2012).

The future of High Value Manufacturing in the UK - Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Sectors

This report follows on from a study into the future of High Value Manufacturing (HVM), in the UK commissioned by the Technology Strategy Board and published in February 2012.

The Future of Manufacturing: A New Era of Opportunity

This report is intended for policy-makers, legislators, a wide range of business people, and the professionals and researchers whose interests relate to the manufacturing sector.

IfM People, Projects and Activities 2013

The Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) provides a unique environment for the creation and sharing of new ideas and approaches to modern industrial practice.

The Future UK Life Sciences Manufacturing Landscape

This report follows on from a study into the future of High Value Manufacturing (HVM) in the UK commissioned by the Technology Strategy Board and published in February 2012. One of the HVM study recommendations was that particular manufacturing sectors should be explored in greater depth. This report presents the findings from studies of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors.

IfM People Projects and Activities 2012

People Projects and Activities 2012

Succeeding through Service Innovation

A service perspective for education, research, business and government

ISBN 978-1-902546-65-0

A landscape for the future of high value manufacturing in the UK

This study sets out to understand the global manufacturing context in which UK companies must compete and how that context is expected to evolve over the next 15-20 years.

Technology acquisitions

This research investigated the growing trend for companies to acquire technologies from external sources rather than using the firm’s own internal research and development activities.

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A review of international approaches to manufacturing research

This study explores international approaches to the support of manufacturing research, the prioritisation of research domains, and practices for translating new knowledge into industry.

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ISBN 978-1-902546-96-4

Getting help with open innovation

The report aims to help companies select the most effective source of help with open innovation. It describes the capabilities companies need in order to implement open innovation successfully and the range of assistance offered by different types of innovation intermediaries.

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ISBN 978-1-902546-91-9

Organising for breakthrough innovation

This report provides companies with guidelines on how to improve their approach to the generation of radically different technologies. The authors describe the obstacles facing firms and their employees when attempting to make significant innovative breakthroughs.

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ISBN 978-1-902546-17-9

Future scenarios for the UK food and drink industry

This report highlights the challenges facing the industry as it looks to maintain the nation's food security against the combined effects of climate change, higher global demand for agricultural products and increasing pressure on finite resources.

Value of food & drink manufacturing to the UK

An ongoing demonstrable commitment to innovation and high-value production are key reasons why the UK’s food and drink industry has emerged from recession in better shape than many other manufacturing sectors.

Company spending on design: Exploratory survey of UK firms 2008

This report from the IfM's Design Management Group and Centre for Industry and Government provides a first ever evaluation of design spending in UK firms.

ISBN 987-1-902846-73-5

International design scoreboard: initial indicators of international design capabilities

This report from the IfM's Design Management Group and Centre for Industry and Government describes the generation of a framework for assessing international design capabilities. This framework is used to provide a first ranking of national design capabilities, using best available evidence. 

ISBN 987-1-902846-74-2

Making the Right Things in the Right Places

Describes a structured approach to understanding and exploiting a company's international 'manufacturing footprint' - the location of its plants around the globe, what their roles should be and how they interact with each other.

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ISBN 978-1-902546-61-2

How to implement open innovation: lessons from studying large multinational companies

This report sets out to answer the question "I want to implement open innovation, where should I start and what should I do?" It provides an overview of existing approaches to OI and outlines how a company can start to implement a strategy to match the organisation's needs.

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ISBN 978-1-902546-75-9

EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability Annual Review 2012-13

This report covers the period July 2012 to 2013 the second year of operation of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Industrial Sustainability.

Making the most of production

This report from the IfM's investigates the importance of production to companies and seeks to understand the long-term implications of moving production abroad or outsourcing production to other companies.

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ISBN 1-902546-29-6

Well dressed? The present and future sustainability of clothing and textiles in the United Kingdom

This report produced by researchers in the IfM's Sustainable Manufacturing Group, sets out a vision of a sustainable clothes industry which at the same time would offer new opportunities to retailers and manufacturers. 

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ISBN 1-902546-29-6

Understanding China's manufacturing value chain

This report from the IfM's Centre for International Manufacturing examines opportunities for UK enterprises in China and includes elected case studies in white goods, TFT-Liquid crystal display and pharmaceutical sectors.

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ISBN 978-1-902546-69-8

Towards a sustainable industrial system, with recommendations for education, research, industry and policy

This report calls for a collaborative effort by academics, teachers, industrialists and policy makers to create a sustainable, global industrial system. (25 pages)

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ISBN 978-1-902546-80-3
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