Intelligent assets for the infrastructure of the future

IfM's Professor Duncan McFarlane (Head of DIAL) and Ajith Parlikad (Head of Asset Management) have co-authored an ICE (Institution of Civil Engineers) Guidance Paper on how new technologies will transform the infrastructures of the future.


Intelligent Assets for Tomorrow's Infrastructure looks at how advances in sensing and data management have the potential to transform the way our key infrastructural assets perform throughout their lives, enabling them to identify problems and solve them themselves. The Guidance Paper sets out the team's vision for how we should be managing these assets and outlines how new technologies can help us do so. 


Read the paper here.


The authors are:

Duncan McFarlane (IfM), Ajith Parlikad (IfM), David Pockock (CH2M), Simon Parsons (Real Foundations), Jennifer Schooling (Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction) and Charles Jensen (ICE).

Date published

7 June 2017

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