IfM Review Issue 9: Collaborations that make a difference

In Issue 9 of IfM Review we share insights into exciting examples of recent collaborative projects across the IfM.


Articles include a feature with Dr Ronan Daly about the recent acquisition of Orion NanoFab, an exceptionally sophisticated microscope which will provide researchers across Cambridge and beyond with a capability to achieve strides forward in their work. We also feature a major 4-year collaborative project, ReMediES, led by Dr Jag Srai with 22 industrial partners in the UK pharmaceutical sector.


You’ll find further articles on ecosystem mapping, IP strategy, describing skills, open innovation, and more.


We hope you enjoy this issue. As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments, and we look forward to hearing from you to help us build future collaborations.


Best wishes,


Tim Minshall

Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation, & Head of the Institute for Manufacturing




Date published

5 November 2018

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