Highly commended papers made freely available by journal publishers for a month

Two highly commended papers by IfM authors have been made freely available for a month by the publishers of the journals in which they feature.

One paper is by Mukesh Kumar, Mapping of the UK food supply chains: capturing trends and structural changes, which has been was selected as a 2014 Highly Commended Paper winner for the Journal of Advances in Management Research.


The paper presents a novel analysis of the UK food supply chains (FSC) within selected food product categories to reveal the drivers and changing patterns of the UK FSC structures. It demonstrates how the dynamics of different food sectors are changing and how structural changes are affecting the activities of actors within the FSC – an area which is not significantly addressed in the academic literature.


The article by Mukesh, of the Centre for International Manufacturing, who wrote the paper with Jag Srai, Luke Pattinson and Mike Gregory, is now freely available until the end of May here.


The second paper is by Nancy Bocken, Understanding environmental performance variation in manufacturing companies, which was selected as a 2013 Highly Commended Paper winner for the International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management.


As companies are exploring sustainability issues, they attempt to embed sustainability in their planning and management systems. It is at this point that the domains of environmental concern and performance management meet. Two research questions are explored in this paper. What is the size of environmental performance variation? What are the challenges for sustainability performance management in practice?


The article by Nancy, of the Centre for Industrial Sustainability, who wrote the paper with colleagues Dai Morgan and Steve Evans, is freely available until the end of May here.


Emerald Group Publishing Limited’s Highly Commended Paper selections form part of the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence. Emerald runs these awards to acknowledge the excellent contributions made by its authors, editors and reviewers.

Date published

1 May 2014

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