We think in terms of three waves of change that are running through industry. These waves help to shape our agenda; 

  • Improving environmental performance without changing current products and processes,
  • Developing and introducing new technologies, and
  • Changing the industrial system.

We do projects that focus on;

  • Products,
  • Manufacturing processes,
  • Factories,
  • Firms, 
  • The industries in which they all operate, plus
  • The national and international policy contexts.

Our projects span these areas and range from short sharp projects to major research programmes.


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We are one part of an exciting and growing community of researchers at the IfM and across the university, who are concerned with the impact of the industrial system and issues of sustainability. We aim to work with the willing partners across industry, academia and policy to develop tools and knowledge that help accelerate the transition towards a sustainable industrial system. 


We believe there are many challenges in industrial sustainability and we are lucky enough to work with many of the leading manufacturers and researchers worldwide.