Stakeholder selection & planning matrix

Effective planning tool to ensure that the right mix of stakeholders (internal and external) are considered before engaging in a requirements capture exercise. Helps to focus attention on the type of information required. Helps to separate issues of who is to be involved from the method of data capture. The simple planning tool can be expanded to list the names and contact details of stakeholders to be approached and also the method of data capture which is considered appropriate.

The most important part of any user/customer/stakeholder investigation is planning. Before committing time and resources to requirements capture, it is useful to plan: How many stakeholders are to be involved from how many different organisations? Are there any lead users involved? What type of stakeholders are to be involved? What mix of internal and external stakeholders? Who is to be involved from the design team?

The stakeholder selection and planning matrix helps to structure, formalise and communicate this essential planning step and key elements include:


Stakeholder type

Recognising that there are a range of different types of stakeholder who may be in a position to provide valuable input.


Stakeholders description

Is the stakeholder a buyer, consumer, heavy user or light user. It can be useful to base the stakeholder description on the 'names' assigned to the market segments.


Number of lead users and users

Lead users are those who face requirements that will be in the market place in the future. It is useful to formally consider who the lead users are


Number of companies / sites

It may be that several stakeholder types can be accessed through just one company or site visit



Who is to be involved in the research?


Stakeholder selection


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