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Focusing on the product itself, this approach aims to encourage the development team to think hard about how the product will be sold and what the selling message will be. This drives attention towards the critical product features and the key differentiators.

A good product specification may include some indication of the relative importance of different product features, but will normally be a lengthy and detailed document. Producing a single page product advert at the outset of the project forces the development team to focus on the critical product features and understand the product proposition from the perspective of a user or customer. It can even be useful to include a customer on the team at this stage. The advert should be produced by the full team, including sales, marketing, production and design to ensure contribution, buy in and support.



Who is the advert targeted at and where would it be placed?

What is the profile of the target customers or users. Is just one advert appropriate for all potential target audiences?


Purpose of advert?

Is the advert to raise awareness or interest? Is it to influence preference and compare the product to other options? Does it aim to change purchase behaviour?


Issues to address?

What do the customers want and what are the delighter features? How is the product to be differentiated and what are the unique selling points? Why will the customers want it? How will they make their buying decisions? What features will be most valued?


List 3-4 bullets with the key selling points and supplement these with a short sentence.


Catch phrase?

To capture the product selling message and mission succinctly.



What images will be included? The product in use? Typical users? Typical place of use? An abstract image suggesting some specific values?


Develop a product brochure of handbook

It can be worth going beyond the advert to outline the brochure or handbook.


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