Process on a page

Simple and graphical way of visualising the product development process. Helps to encourage buy-in, support and understanding across the business

Product development processes are notoriously complex. It is not unusual for a company's NPD process to be written up in long form as a part of the quality manual or ISO 9000 documentation - filling several folders. When asked, few people understand the process, know when the major review points are or even what the key phases are called. The 'process on a page' concept aims to capture the high-level NPD process as a single illustration. This illustration should capture the following key details:

  • The major project phases
  • The key review or decision points
  • The key activities during each phase
  • The outputs or documentation to be completed during each phase
  • The members of the core project team during each phase
  • Documentation, meeting and control mechanisms

To generate the illustration, try mapping the current process or analysing who is involved and when. Make sure that all areas of the business are represented. Having a simple, graphical overview of the product development process helps to ensure that all personnel either involved in or influenced by new product development understand their role. A good test is to ask people whether or not they can name the major phases of product development. An effective illustration can be printed on cards and distributed throughout the company - no-one should have an excuse for not understanding the process.

process on a page example 1

Process on a page - example 1

process on a page example 2

Process on a page - example 2


  • May take several sessions to firstly map the current process and subsequently to simplify to a high level of detail
  • Make sure all aspects of the business are represented

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