Reports from DIAL

  • "Recovering value from "end-of-life" equipment - A case study on the role of product information" Ajith Kumar Parlikad and Duncan McFarlane Technical Report CUED/E-MANUF/TR.29 (2004)
  • "JACK-based Holonic Control of a Gift Box Packing Cell", Martyn Fletcher, Andrew Lucas, Dennis Jarvis, Jacquie Jarvis, Ralph Rönnquist, Duncan McFarlane, James Brusey, and Alan Thorne  CDAC Internal Report,(2003)
  • "Managing Returns in a Closed-Loop Supply Chain - a Case Study", Ajith Kumar Parlikad and Duncan McFarlane CDAC Internal Report,(2003)
  • "Manufacturing Responsiveness in the Face of Market Change and Uncertainty", D. McFarlane and N. Studer, eds., DTI - OSTEMs Report, (1998)
  • "Modularity in Production Systems - An approach to system design for a turbulent future", J. Milner and D.C. McFarlane, DTI - OSTEMs Report, (1998)
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