DIAL Research Areas

DIAL's research focuses on solving real problems identified by working closely with its industrial partners.

Its interests divide into six main areas:


Distributed automation solutions

Developing flexible, autonomous manufacturing systems and reconfigurable supply networks capable of responding to disruption and change. Using ‘intelligent’ software to create control systems that interact with each other in order to determine the best way of doing things.


Automated identification systems

Using identification technologies to tag components and products so they can be tracked throughout the supply chain anywhere in the world. Providing accurate, real-time information to support manufacturing, distribution, stock control and service operations.


Product information management

Connecting tagged items to a computerised network to enable instant access to information concerning the product throughout its life-cycle.


Quantifying the value of industrial information

Developing practical tools and methodologies to quantify the impact of sensors and ID technologies on product life-cycle decisions and processes and providing a means to determine the return on investment.


Industrial futureproofing

Measuring the responsiveness of an organisation to assess its ability to respond to unknown disruptions and change. Measuring the reconfigurability of an organisation’s operation. Quantifying the resilience of an organisation to manage unplanned events.


Engineering asset management

Developing tools and methodologies to improve through-life management of engineering and infrastructure assests. Modelling and optimisation of maintenance and inspection plans; condition-monitoring using emerging Auto-ID and data capture technologies; intelligent fault-diagnosis, performance measurement and predictive analytics.

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