Winning decisions: translating business strategy into action Plan

Winning Decisions: Translating Business Strategy into Action Plans (Kim Hua Tan and Ken Platts)book cover


This workbook provides a structured approach, supported by a software tool, the ‘Tool for Action Plan Selection’ (TAPS), for companies to translate business strategy into action plans. Using the ‘connectance concept’ and the ‘analytic hierarchy process’ TAPS assists managers to understand the relationships between different variables and given objectives. This enables them to identify the main drivers and select which course of action to adopt. TAPS enables the essence of a problem to be captured and communicated in an easy to understand manner.


The workbook provides a step by step guide to using the TAPS process and software tool. Examples, forms, and practical advice are included throughout the workbook.


The CD, provided with the workbook, contains the TAPS software, printable versions of the forms, agendas for workshops, workshop facilitation slides, and a database of management tools and techniques. 

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