Co-creation in military complex service systems

Increasingly firms are modifying their existing business models away from product focused manufacturing strategies toward more comprehensive support solutions delivery involving multiple firms, products, and users linked as part of a complex service system.  The study of how firms collaboratively co-create service with partners, customers, users, and supply chains shapes this analysis: What drivers, enablers, and obstacles influence service improvement through co-creation in the defence sector? How do these characteristics differ in support to air, naval, ground, and distributed intelligence and cyber forces?


Research aims

  • a better understanding of the role co-creation plays in complex service systems
  • insight into how firms improve service design and delivery in complex service systems
  • identification of key service business models elements improved though co-creation
  • a defence co-creation framework and related performance improvement tools


Current work and completed research

Research in his area is on-going and supported by interviews, workshops, and peer reviewed feedback through publication of findings at service conferences and in service journals.  Presented early research findings at Oxford University, Cranfield University, the UK Defence Academy, the University of St Andrews, and the University of Salamanca, Spain.


Future research

This work will help inform future efforts to better understand industrial innovation through Performance Based Logistics (PBL) research at the US National Defense University, Washington, DC.  Work with in the area of service innovation will continue across the Atlantic with the Centre for Strategy and Performance and the Cambridge Service Alliance.


Case studies

BAE Systems (BAE), the UK’s largest manufacturing firm, plays a leading role in the UK defence industry’s transformation and serves as the focal firm understanding co-creation through case-based research.  In-depth case studies in the air, land, maritime, and intelligence and cyber domains provide a comprehensive view of service innovation through co-creation across all lines of BAE business.


Current collaborators

Rich is supervised by Dr Ken Platts, advised by Mr John Mills, and is actively engaged in the Cambridge Service Alliance partnership with BAE Systems, IBM, Rolls Royce, MOD and service organizations across the UK.


Further information

Rich Morales  E: T: +44 (0) 7787 415 735

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