Perspectives on business model innovation in a pandemic

Chander Velu speaks with business leaders around the world about their views on the implications of the COVID-19 crisis for the future of business models.



  1. Jamie Cattell, Managing Partner, Global Enterprise Strategy, IBM (Listen on SoundCloud)
  2. Lee Olesky, CEO, Tradeweb Markets (Listen on SoundCloud)
  3. Charles Popper, CEO, TechPar Group; Former Global CIO, Merck (Listen on SoundCloud)
  4. Ming Hon Toh, Senior Consultant, Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation (Listen on SoundCloud)
  5. Andy Page, CEO, Sharing in Growth (SiG) (Listen on SoundCloud)
  6. Mark Rozario, Former CEO, GE Malaysia (Listen on SoundCloud)
  7. Achyuta Ghosh, Head of Research, NASSCOM (Listen on SoundCloud)
  8. Juan-Luis Perez, Group Managing Director and Head, Group Research, Analytics and Communications, UBS (Listen on SoundCloud)
  9. Ataman Ozyildirim, Director of Economic Research and Global Research Chair, The Conference Board (Listen on SoundCloud)
  10. David Boulay, President, Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (Listen on SoundCloud)
  11. John Metselaar – Professor, Solvay Business School; Leader, Innovation and Digital Transformation, The Conference Board; Former Vice President, Procter & Gamble (Listen on SoundCloud)
  12. Sam Turner, Professor; Chief Technology Officer, High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HVMC) (Listen on SoundCloud)
  13. Rafe Haneef, Chief Executive Officer of Group Transaction Banking, CIMB Group (Listen on SoundCloud)
  14. Steven Drost, Chief Strategy Officer, CodeBase (Listen on SoundCloud)
  15. Neil Ventura, Executive Vice President for Strategy & Innovation, De Beers (Listen on SoundCloud)

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