Data driven engineering to improve the performance of asset maintenance

Building Information Modelling is the strategic approach to use Information Technology to create and manage information related to built assets during their entire life cycle.



The UK construction industry has been mandated to improve the design, delivery & maintenance of assets through the delivery of digital information (BIM). BIM is now being implemented for design & construction, but its use for asset management & maintenance is only beginning to be considered. This project will progress the use of BIM as the cornerstone of data management for asset maintenance & management (BIM levels 3 & 4).


The project will identify, for a given asset type, the data required for through-life management, how to link this to the BIM model to visualise the data & understand the condition of the asset. Modelling will simulate the deterioration of the asset, & enable evaluation of different potential maintenance scenarios to establish which gives best value.



Principal Investigator


  • James Heaton

Project Partners

  • Costain
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