September events highlights - conferences and courses

Throughout the month of September, a range of exciting courses and conferences is being organised across the Institute for Manufacturing.

The events are aimed at a wide range of audiences from industry, academia and government. Over 350 delegates are expected, coming from more than 20 countries.




Second International Conference on Abrasive Processes (ICAP-2014)
Monday 8 to Wednesday 10 September

Organised by Professor Ian Hutchings and Professor John Williams from the Department of Engineering, ICAP-2014 will bring together tribologists specialising in wear and applied scientists and manufacturing engineers with an interest in abrasive processes such as polishing and CMP, abrasive flow machining and abrasive water jet cutting.


The themes of ICAP-2014 will be the degradation of engineering surfaces, both monolithic and coated, by interactions with hard particles through both abrasion and erosion and the exploitation of these processes in the manufacture of engineering components.

Keynote speakers include Jan Spelt, Professor of Mechanics of Materials and Manufacturing Processes in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto; and Eckart Uhlmann, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology and Chair of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology at TU Berlin.


The 18th Annual Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium
Capturing value from global networks: implications for manufacturing, supply chains and industrial policy
Thursday 11 to Friday 12 September

The 2014 CIM symposium led by Dr Jag Srai and Dr Tomas Harrington will examine the key areas of CIM’s report: “Capturing value from global networks – strategic approaches to designing international production, supply and service operations” launched in April, and the implications for manufacturing, supply networks and corporate policy in the 21st century.

Special tracks will also be featured on areas such as risk, re-shoring, continuous processing, sustainable supply networks, e-commerce and last mile logistics, service supply networks, industry emergence and transformation, dynamic capabilities and emerging country multi-nationals.

There will be speakers from Grundfos, Caterpillar, Sanofi-Genzyme, Unilever and Tata Consultancy Services.



Delivering Impact - knowledge into action
Tuesday 16 to Wednesday 17 September

The 3rd Annual Sustainability conference organised by the Centre for Industrial Sustainability will focus on putting knowledge into action to deliver a real impact. Participants will hear how leading companies have made effective sustainable changes, learn from case studies about the practical applications of sustainability research in businesses and gain insights into the impact on the future of sustainable manufacturing from the Internet of Things and growing new materials through crystallisation.

Firms which will be speaking at the conference led by Professor Steve Evans include Toyota, William Jackson Foods, M&S, Extremis Technology and Unilever Airbus among others.



Cambridge Service Week: Future of Services in a Digital Age
Tuesday 30 September

As part of Cambridge Service Week, the Cambridge Service Alliance is holding a one-day conference which aims to provide insights from leading service providers and academic institutions and offers a chance to hear the latest developments in service thinking.

The conference hosted by Professor Andy Neely provides a unique opportunity to share practical experience and knowledge about the future of services in a digital age, bringing together international industry leaders from diverse sectors, running organisations that are making the shift to services.

Speakers will focus on the future of services in a digital age, offering views and perspectives on the role data, technology and the internet of things will play in the years to come. These include: Stefan Bungart, Europe Software & Analytics COE Leader for GE Global Research; Ed Bainbridge, former VP Digital Experiences at Disney Interactive EMEA and now Director of Digitally Connected Creative Experiences at Screen Twist; and Felex von Reischach, Head of Mobile Innovation - Middle and Eastern Europe, SAP Switzerland Inc.





The Cambridge Tribology Course: Friction, Wear and Lubrication
Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 September

A three-day programme, organised by Professor Ian Hutchings and John Williams (Department of Engineering), offering an excellent opportunity to gain an overview of the field of tribology. Lectures, combined with informal discussion periods and a workshop session cover the key elements of the subject.



Realising the Potential of Early Stage Technologies
Tuesday 23 to Wednesday 24 September

Organised by the Centre for Technology Management, this workshop covers the fundamental issues associated with the management of early stage technology and innovation. Topics include discussion around the key challenges and issues associated with early stage technological innovation, how to identify opportunities, risk management and techniques for valuation.



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